Schaesberg Castle is located in Landgraaf. In the coming years the castle will gradually be rebuilt and restored to its former glory. Discover, experience and be inspired by this unique location. The castle is surrounded by five hectares of park, so there’s plenty of space for team building activities!

Schaesberg Castle has a rich history and participates in numerous social initiatives. As part of the rebuilding process, we will assist unemployed people in preparing to re-enter the labour market. In addition, the project has no fewer than 70 deeply passionate volunteers. The location’s unique circumstances give you a fresh perspective, which is why the park is the ideal place for meetings, presentations, company parties, promotion events and receptions.

The maximum capacity of our hall is 60 people. Besides this meeting room, the entire visitors centre is available for use. You are always welcome to visit the location and to discuss the possibilities of this unique location.

There is free parking available for you and your guests.

For more information please contact us.