About us

The goals of Stichting Landgoed Slot Schaesberg (The Schaesberg Castle Estate Foundation) are to rebuild Schaesberg Castle and the adjoining castle farm, in a historically and scientifically responsible way. The castle is both a cultural-historical public attraction and a location for education and training for the advancement of traditional craftsmanship.

The stone-by-stone reconstruction of the castle and the farm has great cultural-historic and economic value because it exposes the whole fascinating history of the castle, the region and its inhabitants to a wide audience. In the coming years Schaesberg Castle will become a tourist attraction in Limburg, a place where visitors can discover all there is to know about life and construction in the 17th century.

Finally, its social relevance: Schaesberg Castle has become a social project by involving people with disabilities or people who have difficulty in accessing the labour market.

We would love to welcome you to Schaesberg Castle!